Solutions to Common Sleeping Problems

November 12, 2014

A good night’s rest. Along with a nutritious diet and regular exercise, plentiful sleep is essential to your health. However, many seniors fail to get the seven to nine hours of rest that the National Institute on Aging recommends. Regardless of age, though, you can enjoy the sleep you deserve. To get better rest, you need to first figure out why you can’t fall or stay asleep.

Bathroom Visits

Are trips to the bathroom keeping you from sleeping through the night? Consider your evening routine. A post-dinner cup of coffee or glass of wine can have a diuretic effect. Even too much water in the hours preceding bedtime can cause disruptive bathroom visits. If drinking habits aren’t to blame, talk to your doctor about your current medications. Many can have the unwanted side effect of extra trips to the bathroom.

Arthritis Pain

It’s no surprise that painful joints could prove a challenge to falling asleep. But you do have options. First, fine-tune your lifestyle habits. Cut out inflammatory foods and maintain your workout schedule, as an antioxidant-rich diet and regular exercise can lessen discomfort. Next, find ways to ease stiff joints, such as soaking in a hydrotherapy tub before bed. Lastly, consult your physician about pain relief aids should your discomfort persist.

Stressful Thoughts

No matter if you’re 17 or 70, anxiety can keep you up at night. But stress doesn’t have to rob you of sleep. Do you worry about your health? Money? Family? Call your doctor, financial advisor or friend. Talking with someone about your worries can ease stress, as can getting proper treatment or creating a budget to address your health or money concerns. To enjoy a good night’s rest, take action as soon as possible to remedy the underlying issue.

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