Walk-in Tub Benefits for Diabetes

Bliss Walk-in Tubs Diabetes Benefits

Discover the Healing Benefits of a Walk-in Tub...

A Bliss Walk-in Tub can help those with diabetes control their blood sugar. Warm water bathing incrases blood ciculation, which helps maintain glucose levels, reduce the risk of vascular disease and avoid painful leg cramps. Stress is also dangerous for those with diabetes, as it rasies blood sugar levels. Bliss Walk-in Tubs are designed to maximise relaxation. Each model comes with a low threshold and a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy system so that your bath is a soothing, comfortable experience. Diabetes can also cause sleeping problems, which leads to higher blood sugar. Unwinding in a walk-in tub can melt stress away, making it much easier to get a good night's sleep. Get the most relaxing bath available and keep blood sugar under control with a Bliss Walk-in Tub.

A warm bath in your walk-in tub brings:

  • Significantly lower blood pressure
  • Invigorated cardiovascular system
  • Revitalized immuse system
  • Healthier skin
  • Natural pain reduction
  • Increased range of motion
  • A warm soak for sore feet
  • Air and hydromassage to stimulate the skin where it needs the most care