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Bliss Tubs Walk-in Bathtubs — Crafted with Care in the U.S.A. for Safety, Luxury, and Comfort

Senior woman in robe with water in backgroundBathing should be a safe, replenishing, and luxurious experience for people of all ages and ranges of mobility. We make it our business to manufacture walk-in tubs that improve your quality of life by allowing you to bathe independently. Whether you’re looking to invest in a walk-in tub for yourself or for a loved one, you can count on the fact that your safety and satisfaction are the motivating factors behind the design and fabrication of each of our models. Not only that! We strive to provide you with several, state-of-the-art luxury features for customizing your walk-in tub, so that each time you bathe, you can have an experience that is unique and perfect for you and your personal needs.

The Healing Power of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, the use of water to promote health and well-being, has been successfully practiced for millennia in several cultures around the world. This wonderfully natural, well established method of healing can be used in conjunction with other therapies for treating many of the ailments that affect our bodies, over time. When the human body is exposed to cold water, blood vessels constrict. This reduces inflammation which is beneficial for those who suffer from conditions such as arthritis or other forms of joint or muscle pain. Warmer water works as an antioxidant, causing blood vessels to dilate, thus helping the body to eliminate oxidation stress which can age us prematurely and lead to several, harmful medical conditions. When combined with our first-rate therapy systems such as hydromassage and air massage, the benefits of hydrotherapy increase substantially. Whether you are aiming to decrease pain in key areas of your body or promote circulation and improved cardiovascular health, your new Bliss Tubs walk-in tub will help you reach your goals for physical, emotional, and even spiritual wellness. See our health benefits page to read more about how a Bliss Tubs walk-in tub can help improve your health.


Woman relaxing in Bliss Tubs walk-in tub with hydromassageAlthough beauty and luxury are important aspects of each of our tub models, your safety is our top priority. With this in mind, we provide several, standard features to keep you safe and comfortable as you bathe. For each of our walk-in tubs, we offer a low, 6” threshold through an ergonomically designed, water-tight door. This makes your bath much easier to access than the standard 30” threshold of a typical American bathtub. As you step into your tub, you will enjoy the textured, non-slip flooring, which will keep you stable as you move around your tub. Once inside, you can easily access our integrated, safety grab bar and mounted U-bar which you can use to ease yourself onto your ADA compliant, 17” high contoured seat.  No longer will you need to navigate your legs over the side of your tub or adjust yourself into or out of an awkward lying position. Once you are comfortably positioned on your tub’s seat, you can easily operate your door’s locking mechanism as well as the ADA compliant and beautifully chrome plated handles of your faucet deck. Once your bath is over, you can easily drain your tub’s water by using the convenient and efficient drain system which is operated by a simple twist of your drain lever.  From start to finish, we have your safety in mind, so that you can lean back, relax, and enjoy a blissful bathing experience, every time.


Most everyone loves to be pampered. It is important to us that your new walk-in tub provides you with a healthy and safe bathing environment, but we also take pleasure in being able to offer you several, high-quality luxury features to enhance your bathing experience. Apart from our hydromassage and air massage systems, we offer chromotherapy and aromatherapy (light and scent therapy) options to create a serene atmosphere for your bath time. With our heated seating and in-line heater options, you can ensure that your water remains at a consistent temperature for the duration of your bath. You can also enjoy our cushioned seating and headrest pillow options for that extra touch of relief and comfort. Created to ensure that your walk-in tub remains sanitized and fresh, you can also opt for the Ozone Purification System, an environmentally friendly way of sanitizing and maintaining your bath. If you have mobility concerns that make bathing difficult, or if you’re allergic to harsh soaps, you will benefit from our Microbubble System which eliminates the need for scrubbing as tiny bubbles penetrate your pores, eliminating dirt, oils, and odors, leaving you feeling fresh and clean. The beautiful thing about our luxury features is that they not only add an element of opulence to your bath time, but each one also has their own health benefits. Click here to read more.

What’s Next?

Happy young male customer support executive working in office.Call today to get the process started and experience the healing benefits of a Bliss Tubs walk-in tub, every day, in the privacy of your own home. There is no need to fear an automated system that will give you the run around when you call. We have knowledgeable and friendly staff standing by to speak to you directly and answer any questions that you have. Your safety, satisfaction, and health are what motivate us to create the very best walk-in tubs around. When you invest in a Bliss Tubs walk-in tub, you are investing in the best walk-in tub on the market. Choose Bliss Tubs. Choose Peace of Mind. (800) 398-4898

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