Month: January 2015

Arthritis-Friendly Exercise: Water Aerobics

Arthritis-Friendly Exercise: Water Aerobics Is being active a part of your life? If you suffer from arthritis, you might actually do all you can to avoid physical activity. As many orthopedic experts caution, though, trying to stop achy joints with a sedentary lifestyle may result only in more pain when you do move.

Weighing Your In-Home Service Choices

Weighing Your In-Home Service Choices Staying put at home is an achievable goal, but trying to do it entirely on your own can be a challenge. Friends and family members can be of immense help, yet complications such as distance, work and children may limit their ability to provide continual support.

Arthritis-Friendly Exercise: Tai Chi

Arthritis-Friendly Exercise: Tai Chi A healthy lifestyle is essential to aging in place. Especially when arthritis brings on stiffness and pain, it becomes all the more important to take care of your physical wellbeing. Exercise in particular can defend against joint discomfort and deterioration.

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