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Our Trusted Local Dealer Provides Peace of Mind

Blisstubs walk-in tubs Phoenix, Arizona is home to one of our most important walk-in tub dealers.

Our Phoenix dealer along with our walk-in tub dealers in Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale and beyond have established a solid reputation in sales and installation of our therapeutic bathtubs.

The Bliss Tubs product is a wonderful investment for individuals of any age and range of mobility. We supply Phoenix walk-in tubs for Seniors who are looking for a bathtub that suits their changing bathing needs, but we also believe that anyone looking for a safer more luxurious bathing experience will benefit from any one of our carefully crafted walk-in tubs.

We offer a wide range of options from compact configurations for smaller bathrooms to larger, bariatric designs to accommodate those who desire a deeper soak with more leg room.

If you are a wheelchair user, you may choose from our range of extra large walk-in tub models that offer easily accessible inward or outward swinging, S-shaped doors that can be crafted to accommodate either left- or right-hand individuals.

Each of our models is equipped with important safety features, including integrated safety bars, non-slip flooring, and ADA compliant, ergonomically mastered fixtures and fittings along with optional therapy systems to promote health, wellness, and an improved quality of life.

Our local dealers will help you determine which walk-in bathtub model is the best fit for you and your bathroom.

Ten reasons Arizona residents are purchasing Bliss Walk-in Tubs:

  1. Bliss Tubs’ highly professional USA team jets and assembles all our tubs using name-brand components from industry leading suppliers CG Air and Waterway. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) continuously monitors our production.
  2. Bliss Tubs is one of the few walk-in tub manufacturers with UL certification. UL performs extensive tests on consumer products against rigorous safety standards.
  3. In the early 2000’s, a veteran U.S. bathtub designer created the tub body design of the Bliss Walk-in Tub. During the intervening years, the leakproof reliability of this USA design has proved the test of time.
  4. The bodies of Bliss Walk-in Tubs are made of strong marine-grade fiberglass mounted on a stainless steel frame. The finish on Bliss Walk-in Bathtubs is meticulous.
  5. Jets on Bliss Walk-in Tubs are configured in a state-of-the-art configuration for optimal hydrotherapy benefit for the tub user.
  6. Faucets on Bliss Walk-in Tubs are high-quality, rapid-fill and senior-friendly.
  7. Touchpad controls on Bliss Walk-in Tubs are more senior-friendly than those on most competing brands. Bliss Tubs continue to lead the industry in touchpad ease of use.
  8. All Bliss Walk-in Tubs are carefully tested and inspected before shipping.
  9. Reviews of Bliss Tubs customer service are overwhelmingly positive. We include a special “Welcome” kit with each tub.
  10. Bliss technical support is A++. We are available on extended hours and seven days a week.

Call now toll-free (800) 398-4898 or use the contact form above to download free, no-obligation information on getting your very own Bliss Walk-in Tub!

Choose Bliss Tubs.

Choose Peace of Mind.

My Bliss walk-in tub has been a life saver. I used to be taking pain pills all the time, now I’m down to two per day. After considering many walk-in bathtub companies, we finally found a company that listened to us! Your tub is awesome!


Deborah P.

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