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We Will Help You Discover an Independent Walk-in Tub Experience That’s Perfect for You.

Various Bliss Tubs walk-in bathtubsHow much do walk-in tubs cost? How do walk-in tubs work? What is involved with walk-in tub installation? If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. The truth is that all of us have different reasons for purchasing a walk-in tub, so every walk-in tub price and each installation will be unique to the individual. 

The wonderful thing about Bliss Tubs is that we cater to a wide range of needs by offering 14 best-quality walk-in tub models ranging from wheelchair tubs, walk-in bathtubs for small bathrooms, or deep soaking, extra large walk-in tub models for those who require extra legroom.

Each of our luxury walk-in tubs come with standard safety features and optional therapy systems so that you can customize your tub in a way that is perfect for you and your loved ones.

Are you looking for Senior Walk-in tubs in Southern California? Whether you are a Senior Citizen, a person of limited mobility who is looking for a bathtub to suit your changing bathing needs, or if you are simply someone who wants a safe, luxurious spa like experience in the privacy of your own home (or a combination of each), you needn’t look any further than Bliss Tubs.

We would love to meet with you and allow you to take an up close and personal view of a selection of our walk-in tub models at our Covina showroom. Call today at 800 398 4898 to make an appointment or simply drop by between the hours of 9AM and 5PM Monday-Friday. We are located at 1274 E. Cypress Street, Covina, CA 91724 (Google map & directions). Weekend appointments are also available. 

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are standing by to assist you in finding just the right walk-in bathtub for you! 

Choose Bliss Tubs. Choose Peace of Mind

Our Covina Factory Showroom Features:

Bliss Tubs Showroom in Covina, CA Bliss Tubs Showroom in Covina, CA

  • Models to fit narrow bathrooms and/or through narrow doorways
  • Models for individuals with special needs — wheelchair accessibility and more
  • Extra-wide models
  • Deep models for an ultimate luxurious bathing experience

Walk-in Tub with Shower

Ask About Our Walk-In Tub with Shower Option

Your Bliss Tubs walk-in bathtub easily converts to a walk-in tub with shower combination. Just opt for our convenient shower slide-bar. Once your installer mounts the slide-bar to the wall, you can experience an energizing shower in your walk-in bath. We also offer shower rods, hooks, and shower curtains. Call us to learn more or ask about our walk-in shower tub options and accessories when you visit our showroom.

Manufactured Locally

With reliable, top-of-the-line components, Bliss Tubs walk-in tubs make bathing easier, safer and more therapeutic than ever. Melt the cares of the world away, all in the comfort of your own home with a Bliss Tubs walk-in bathtub.

Walk-in Tub Installation – Customer Service You Can Trust

When you purchase a Bliss Tubs walk-in tub, you can be comfortable that your well-designed walk-in tub will include a complete package of features. Our expert team will remove your existing tub or modify your current shower space, as applicable, before carefully installing your new walk-in tub. The job will be completed with a thorough clean-up and a walk-through on how to best use your new walk-in bathtub.

Protect your independence and enjoy your bathing much more than you have in years with the safety and affordability of Bliss Tubs Walk-in Tubs.

Convenient freeway access from Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside counties

Walk-in Tub Customer Service woman with headsetVisit our Contact page for a map and directions.

We look forward to hearing from you. Call today at 800 398 4898 and start experiencing a blissful bathing experience, every time you bathe.