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Bliss Tubs believes that a walk-in bathtub should fit the bather, not the other way around. With 14 different customizable walk-in tub models, Bliss Tubs provides you with the optimal fit for you and your bathroom. No bathroom remodeling is necessary, as our walk-in models can be placed in any regular tub spaces. We specialize in walk-in bathtub models tailored to the needs of seniors, the handicapped and anyone with mobility challenges. Our knowledgeable family-owned Houston dealer will work with you at each step, answering any question you might have before, during or after the installation of your Bliss Walk-in Bathtub. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Each component is from a name brand and is installed at the Bliss Tubs USA manufacturing facility. We are certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), an independent consumer safety company, and have A++ technical support.

Give us a call at (800) 398-4898 or use the contact form above for free, no-obligation information on getting your very own Bliss Walk-in Tub. We are standing by to tell you more about our tubs and to put you in touch with our trusted local dealer.

Choose Bliss Tubs.

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The tub is everything we hoped for… Helen had a knee replacement and loves the tub. We’re very happy with the bathtub and had a great experience with Bliss.

Thomas & Helen D. | Dallas, TX

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