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Bliss Bathing Harness Helps Bathers & Caregivers Alike

Bliss Walk-In Tubs Extends a Helping Hand to Those with Special Needs: Bliss Bathing Harness Helps Bathers and Caregivers Alike.

Bliss Tubs is pleased to announce its release of the new Bliss Bathing Harness. The harness, when installed on one of our premium walk-in bathtub models, provides both comfort and security for those with special needs.

Bathing Support

Anyone who has provided assistive care for a loved one knows the difficulties associated with bathing. The process can be downright daunting and using a standard bathtub may make things more difficult for both the caregiver and bather. All of our bathtubs offer an easy entry door with a low step-up, a comfortable seat, soothing hydrotherapy jets and, now, the option of the Bliss Bathing Harness. Our harness system uses two padded shoulder straps to support the upper body and a belt strap that holds the bather’s midsection firmly in place. It is fully adjustable for a comfortable and secure fit. This added support allows caregivers to focus on the task at hand, instead of physically supporting the bather.

Why We Developed the Bliss Bathing Harness

The Bliss Bathing Harness was a direct response to numerous requests from our customers. “We realized that there was a need that current walk-in bathtub makers weren’t providing for.” Jess Foster, president of Bliss Tubs, said, “Caregivers need a helping hand when it comes to bathing, and the Bliss Bathing Harness does just that.” We hope that our new system will provide our customers with a safer, more stress-free bathing experience and overall peace of mind.

About Bliss Tubs

Bliss Walk-in Bathtubs are produced by a quality-focused America-based manufacturer who has built a national reputation for providing elegant bathing solutions to those with limited mobility. We offer independence to those seeking a safe and easy way to bathe right in the convenience and comfort of their own home.

Bliss Tubs offers more than just the optimal walk-in bathing experience. When you choose Bliss Tubs, you will also be taking advantage of our extensive, highly professional dealer network. Our dealers emphasize customer service, prompt response and quality installation — all while maintaining a lower average price for our walk-in tubs than many of our competitors. In concert with qualified dealers, Bliss Tubs insists that every customer receives the experience and product they deserve.

Investing in a Bliss Walk-in Bathtub is an investment in your safety, independence and comfort — when you need it most. Choose Peace of Mind. Choose Bliss Tubs.

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