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Bliss Tubs Begins its Eighth Year with Hundreds of Quality Dealers Across the USA

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Bliss Tubs is celebrating its eighth year of building walk-in bathtubs at its USA manufacturing facility and marketing them across the 48 states of the contiguous United States.

During 2015, Bliss Tubs added over 20 new contractors, dealers and medical product retailers to its customer list. Bliss Tubs’ dealer network now extends across the entire country, from the full West Coast to New England extending down into Southern Florida.

Bliss Tubs maintains its reputation for manufacturing high-quality walk-in tubs sold at a fair price. Over the past year, Bliss Tubs has upgraded its installation guide for contractors and operating manuals for customers. The revamped guides are considered by industry insiders to be the most thorough and useful guides available.

Bliss Tubs is one of the few walk-in bathtub companies to earn and retain the UL Certification expected by government inspectors in many localities. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a worldwide safety consulting and certification company that tests and monitors consumer products. Authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to evaluate consumer goods, UL has gained a reputation for analyzing and determining high-quality products.

About Bliss Tubs

Bliss Walk-In Bathtubs are produced by a quality-focused America-based manufacturer who has built a national reputation for providing elegant bathing solutions to those with limited mobility. We offer independence to those seeking a safe and easy way to bathe right in the convenience and comfort of their own home.

Bliss Tubs offers more than just the optimal walk-in bathing experience. When you choose Bliss Tubs, you will also be taking advantage of our extensive, highly professional dealer network. Our dealers emphasize customer service, prompt response and quality installation — all while maintaining a lower average price for our walk-in tubs than many of our competitors. In concert with qualified dealers, Bliss Tubs insists that every customer receives the experience and product they deserve.

Investing in a Bliss Walk-in Bathtub is an investment in one’s safety, independence and comfort — when needed most. Our motto: Choose Peace of Mind. Choose Bliss Tubs.

For more information, call us today at (800) 398-4898 or use the contact form above.

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