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Bliss Tubs Hosts Local Event Promoting Senior Independence

Happy Senior Couple with Bliss Tubs walk-in bathtub

Bliss Tubs Hosts Local Event Promoting Senior Independence, Providing Education on Adapting the Home for the Senior Years

Saturday, October 19th, Bliss Tubs hosted a local event from their Pasadena headquarters. Seniors throughout the Pasadena area attended to learn techniques on maintaining their independence well into their golden years. Community organizations such as the Pasadena Village ( and The Highland Park Art Club were represented, with the Art Club presenting a gallery of their works in oils, acrylics and watercolor.

Michael Thomas, co-author of Residential Design For Aging in Place and associate of the Design Alliance for Accessible Sustained Environments (DAASE), delivered a presentation on independent senior living. Attendees learned a host of valuable tips on adapting their home for their senior years. Thomas focused on simple, available renovations which need not be cost-prohibitive.

Peter Kwong, a local Tai Chi instructor specializing in senior mobility, also presented a talk on the Science of Slips and Falls. Kwong taught seniors techniques in increasing balance to prevent common senior injuries and remain mobile and independent.

These presentations were followed by an active group discussion. Attendees addressed the pros and cons of home remodeling versus entering a nursing home or alternative assisted living facility. Bliss Tubs provided new perspectives on the possibilities of and methods to enjoying the senior years from the comfort of home.

Attendees received insightful information and perspective on heading into their senior years. Most important was a proper anticipation of the future: senior living means entering a new stage of life, and as with any great transition, it requires careful consideration. Bliss Tubs is proud of its continuing dedication in offering seniors a host of options as they explore this new stage of life. Bliss Tubs is committed to helping seniors investigate their options and better understand their needs. Even as individual mobility changes with age, Bliss Walk-In Tubs can ensure home accessibility always remains an option to seniors.

At Bliss, independent living in the senior years remains the top priority. Whether through educational community events or quality Walk-In Tubs, Bliss Tubs is working to ensure an independent and informed senior community.

Bliss Walk-In Tub Benefits

In addition to maintaining independence by allowing seniors to remain in their homes, a walk-in bathtub can provide a host of benefits. A walk-in tub reduces the possibility of a painful slip or fall, and the resulting costly medical bills. Research has also indicated that a warm, walk-in bath provides the ideal setting to alleviate symptoms of arthritis and other ailments.

About Bliss Tubs

Bliss Walk-In Bathtubs are produced by a quality-focused America-based manufacturer who has built a national reputation for providing elegant bathing solutions to those with limited mobility. We offer independence to those seeking a safe and easy way to bathe right in the convenience and comfort of their own home.

Bliss Tubs offers more than just the optimal walk-in bathing experience. When you choose Bliss Tubs, you will also be taking advantage of our extensive, highly professional dealer network. Our dealers emphasize customer service, prompt response and quality installation — all while maintaining a lower average price for our walk-in tubs than many of our competitors. In concert with qualified dealers, Bliss Tubs insists that every customer receives the experience and product they deserve.

Investing in a Bliss Walk-in Bathtub is an investment in your safety, independence and comfort — when you need it most. Choose Peace of Mind. Choose Bliss Tubs.

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