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Bliss Tubs Provides an Informative Oasis at the AARP [email protected]+ Event

Attendees of the 2011 American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) [email protected]+ Event, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, learned about the health benefits of walk-in bathtubs and how affordable they are from Bliss Tubs.

The hundreds of active seniors who visited Bliss Tubs at the event were wowed by the Deep Soak walk-in tub, a unique offering from the company. While other walk-in tubs only go up to the stomach, Bliss Tubs’ Deep Soak walk-in tubs fill to the chest for a deep soaking experience. Like Bliss’ other walk-in tubs, Deep Soak tubs feature a contoured ergonomic seat and can be equipped with an optional therapeutic spa system.

The company emphasized health benefits of a walk-in tub to the show’s attendees, particularly those with knee problems, high blood pressure and arthritis. If access to a tub is difficult, bathing is avoided and leads to other complications. Additional therapeutic applications of walk-in tubs are being researched by Bliss for the improvement of future models and to better serve its customers.

“For active seniors, a Bliss walk-in tub offers unmatched therapeutic benefits that revitalize the mind and body,” Jess Foster, president of Bliss Tubs, said. “The Deep Soak tub was a hit, but other popular questions were about the rest of our walk-in tubs and the customization options we offer.”

Jess and the Bliss Tubs staff educated seniors and caregivers about the financial benefits and affordability of walk-in tubs as well. Declining health or injuries from a fall often necessitates assisted living, which can average $3,500 a month. However, a one-time investment in a walk-in bathtub can mean a longer, active life, saving thousands of dollars on assisted living facilities and medical bills.

”Bliss Tubs works with families from California to Connecticut, connecting them with trusted specialists who could bring a walk-in bathtub into their home or that of a loved one,” Foster said. ”The company looks forward to attending the 2012 American Association of Retired Persons [email protected]+ Event in New Orleans, Louisiana, seeing familiar faces later this year and helping the rest of the nation step into Bliss.”

About Bliss Tubs

Bliss Walk-in Bathtubs are produced by a quality-focused America-based manufacturer who has built a national reputation for providing elegant bathing solutions to those with limited mobility. We offer independence to those seeking a safe and easy way to bathe right in the convenience and comfort of their own home.

Bliss Tubs offers more than just the optimal walk-in bathing experience. When you choose Bliss Tubs, you will also be taking advantage of our extensive, highly professional dealer network. Our dealers emphasize customer service, prompt response and quality installation — all while maintaining a lower average price for our walk-in tubs than many of our competitors. In concert with qualified dealers, Bliss Tubs insists that every customer receives the experience and product they deserve.

Investing in a Bliss Walk-in Bathtub is an investment in your safety, independence and comfort — when you need it most. Choose Peace of Mind. Choose Bliss Tubs.

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