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Bliss Tubs Responds to Call for Businesses to Hire US Military Veterans

Bliss Walk-in Tubs (A Veteran-Owned Enterprise) Responds to Call for Businesses to Hire U.S. Military Veterans

Pasadena, CA (December 11, 2011) – Bliss Tubs, a manufacturer and nationwide distributor of quality walk-in tubs, today announced the hiring of a U.S. military veteran for its production team. This newest addition to the company’s staff completed a two year stint in the U.S. Air Force. Bliss Tubs is a veteran-owned California-based business is on the approved vendor list of the Veteran’s Administration.

In particular, Bliss Walk-in Tubs are eligible for purchase via the V.A.’s HISA program. Under the HISA (Home Improvements and Structural Alterations) program, veterans with service-connected disabilities or veterans with nonservice-connected disabilities may receive assistance for any home improvement necessary for the continuation of treatment or for disability access to the home and essential lavatory and sanitary facilities.

A HISA grant is available to veterans who have received a medical determination indicating that improvements and structural alterations are necessary or appropriate for the effective and economical treatment of his/her disability.

A veteran may receive both a HISA grant and either a SHA (Special Home Adaptation Grant) or SAH (Specially Adapted Housing) grant. The HISA program is available for both service-connected veterans and non service-connected veterans.

  • Home improvement benefits up to $6,800 may be provided to service-connected veterans.
  • Home improvement benefits up to $2,000 may be provided to nonservice-connected veterans.

For more information, visit the Veteran’s Administration website:

The Benefits of a Walk-in Tub

A walk-in tub is one of the best investments for a senior citizen. A walk-in tub can help the mobility-impaired avoid costly and painful slips and falls and stay in their homes longer. Physicians recommend bathing to help alleviate symptoms of arthritis and other conditions and to facilitate a good night’s sleep. For more on the health benefits of the walk-in tub, see our Healing Benefits page.

More About Bliss Tubs

Bliss Walk-In Bathtubs are produced by a quality-focused America-based manufacturer who has built a national reputation for providing elegant bathing solutions to those with limited mobility. We offer independence to those seeking a safe and easy way to bathe right in the convenience and comfort of their own home.

Bliss Tubs offers more than just the optimal walk-in bathing experience. When you choose Bliss Tubs, you will also be taking advantage of our extensive, highly professional dealer network. Our dealers emphasize customer service, prompt response and quality installation — all while maintaining a lower average price for our walk-in tubs than many of our competitors. In concert with qualified dealers, Bliss Tubs insists that every customer receives the experience and product they deserve.

Investing in a Bliss Walk-in Bathtub is an investment in your safety, independence and comfort — when you need it most. Choose Peace of Mind. Choose Bliss Tubs.

For veterans, Bliss Tubs provides a Veterans Benefits Guide.

For more information, call us today at (800) 398-4898 or use the contact form above.

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