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Weighing Your In-Home Service Choices

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Staying put at home is an achievable goal, but trying to do it entirely on your own can be a challenge. Friends and family members can be of immense help, yet complications such as distance, work and children may limit their ability to provide continual support. Loved ones may also be ill-equipped to handle serious or complex medical issues. So how can you get the assistance you need when you need it? By taking advantage of professional in-home services.

Skilled Medical Care

Are you recuperating from hip replacement surgery? Has your spouse suffered a stroke? Then you might want skilled medical care. As do other forms of in-home assistance, skilled medical care can go by different names, so be sure to confirm the type of services that an agency provides. Generally, though, a nurse, physician or therapist comes directly to your home to administer medications, dress wounds and perform other skilled medical tasks.

Personal or Home Health Care

You may never need surgery or suffer a stroke. However, chronic conditions can also impede physical and mental capabilities. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease are just a few of the conditions that might warrant personal or home health care. As the Alzheimer’s Association notes, agencies offering these services can assist with everyday health and hygiene needs such as grooming, bathing and toileting.

Homemaker or Home Care

Maybe you can look after yourself just fine, but you wouldn’t mind getting a little help around the house. If arthritis makes doing the dishes difficult, or poor vision prevents you from driving to and from the grocery store, you can hire a professional home care aide to assist with your household needs. Homemaker care services can even cook your meals so that you have more time to rest or enjoy your hobbies.

Companion Care

Speaking of hobbies… Do you wish you had a rummy partner? Or perhaps you would like an attendant to stay with your spouse while you go to the store? When the very presence of another person is the most important consideration, companion care might be the service you seek. As its name denotes, companion care allows recipients to spend time with attentive, nurturing professionals and provides families the chance to attend to other home and work obligations.

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