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Make a Fitness Plan and Fight Arthritis Pain

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Exercise is good for the body and mind. But when arthritis hip pain or arthritis knee pain makes it difficult to walk across the living room, let alone to the park or gym, keeping up with your workout resolutions can become a challenge. While medication can mask arthritis pain, exercise can actually help prevent it from happening. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that physical activity can improve joint function and ease arthritic complications. So to prevent arthritis pain from taking control of your mobility, create a workout regimen that works for you.

Do What You Love

When considering your exercise options, pick activities you want to do — not those you think you should do. Walking can be a great cardiovascular workout, but if you find it tedious, you will likely give up on your walking routine no matter the health benefits that it can bring. So if you would rather bike or swim, make that exercise the cornerstone of your fitness plan. And as with any exercise regimen, get your physician’s approval before heading to the bike path or diving into the pool.

Keep It Diverse

A favorite activity can help to keep arthritis pain at bay. Yet when done too often, any exercise can lead to workout burnout. To avoid exercise boredom, incorporate other forms of physical fitness. For instance, if you typically do aerobic exercise, try weight-bearing activities a few times a week. If you normally frequent the racquetball court, try dance lessons every once in a while. Besides getting a great workout, you might just discover new activities that both you and your joints love.

Rally Your Friends

Some people give up on exercise because they consider it a chore that must be done. If you’re not enjoying your walks, laps or bike rides, find a way to make it more fun. Specifically, enlist your loved ones. Rather than meet up with your buddies once a week to play cards, join the local softball team together. If you don’t see your grandchildren enough, bring them to the pool for some bonding time in the water. You can even transform lunchtime into a power hour walk with your neighbors or coworkers.

Summary Points:

  • Exercise is a proven deterrent to arthritis pain.
  • For lasting arthritis pain relief, find activities that you enjoy and will do consistently.
  • Exploring novel exercise options can keep your fitness routine motivating and fun.
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