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Your Senior Gift Giving Guide

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The holiday season is called the most wonderful time of the year. When trying to find gifts for loved ones, though, the holidays can be more stressful than wonderful for many people. That’s why Staying Put at Home has put together your one-stop shopping guide for all the seniors in your life. But what sets our suggestions apart from all those other gift lists? Each item bolsters health, safety and comfort, all key components for aging in place. And if you’re a boomer, why not treat yourself to an item or two as you shop for your own friends and family?


Physical activity is integral to elder health. For some seniors, though, it can be challenging to attempt rigorous activities like running or biking. Yet even a brisk walk can yield numerous benefits, including improved cardiovascular function, lowered risk of obesity and enhanced mental wellbeing. So to support the workout efforts of your favorite senior, buy him a pedometer. These tracking devices can add up each and every step, and some even come with features to monitor heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

Resistance Bands

Any exercise can foster health, but strength training in particular is vital for senior wellness. This activity combats two common elder ailments: reduced muscle mass and diminished bone density. The thought of going to a gym can prove daunting for some people, though, and they may even avoid strength training if they think lifting weights is their only option. With resistance bands — which seniors can do while sitting down!—they can still protect their muscles and bones from age-related decline.

Tai Chi Classes

Fall injuries are a pressing health concern for many seniors, which is why geriatric health experts so often recommend tai chi, a centuries-old practice that focuses on breath and balance. However, many elder Americans are unfamiliar with tai chi and may be reluctant to try it on their own. Prepaid tai chi classes can make the perfect gift, giving your senior the chance to explore this type of exercise in a safe and supportive environment.

Fruit of the Month

Eating healthily can be challenging at any age. Especially for older individuals, who might not regularly grocery shop, keeping fruits and vegetables in the house may be difficult. To ensure that your senior can enjoy fresh produce, get him a fruit or veggie of the month subscription. Many companies even offer mixed produce that can be delivered right to your loved one’s front door. If your friend or family member needs cooking inspiration, many of these businesses provide recipe suggestions, too.

Tea Gift Set

Tea comes in a myriad of flavors ranging from sweet to spicy and mild to bold, making it a tasty beverage option for many individuals. Did you know, though, that tea can provide cognitive and cardiovascular benefits as well? Green tea has long been heralded as a nutritious drink because of its high antioxidant count. So this holiday season, give your elder friend or family member a tea gift set to help him warm up during the winter months and enjoy a healthy new year.


Many seniors contend with agility and mobility issues, and a moment of unsteadiness while reaching for a newspaper or blanket can escalate into a serious fall accident. While healthy lifestyle habits such as eating right and exercising regularly are some of the best fall prevention tactics, so too can assistive devices help the senior in your life stay safe. A reacher can grab out-of-range items and prevent a loved one from straining to get them. Because they are lightweight, reachers are easy to use and carry.

Bed Cane

Moving from a sitting to standing position can be a difficult and even dangerous task for older individuals suffering from arthritis or other physical ailments. If your elder friend or family member struggles with a health condition, a bed cane could prove an invaluable holiday gift. Unlike conventional canes, bed canes come with extra wide handles so that users can lean on them for support and stability while moving from a stationary position. Slip a cane under the mattress and it is ready for use.

Playing Card Holder

Arthritis pain can affect more than gross motor skills. It can also impact small joint function. If the senior in your life is a fan of bridge, gin rummy or another card game, give him the gift of comfort with a playing card holder. This device can eliminate the strain of handling multiple cards and make card playing an enjoyable pastime once more. Some playing card holders even have slots for pencils and dice so that your senior can keep all of his game pieces in the same place.

Hands Free Book Light

Reading is another pastime that many seniors love. With age can come deteriorated vision, though, that complicates efforts to enjoy a beloved novel or new best seller. Well-lit pages become all the more important, making a hands free book light the ideal gift for elder bibliophiles. Many devices lay comfortably around the neck, making it easy for your friend or family member to read with the best lighting possible. Plus, these versatile items can come in handy if your loved one knits as well.

Easy Key Turner

Does the senior in your life claim that he doesn’t need any gifts? Then fill his stocking with an easy key turner instead. This device can instantly transform even the most frustratingly small key into an easily maneuverable item. Key turners enlarge key heads, giving seniors more to grab onto when they hold and turn a key. Though small in size, an easy key turner can make a huge impact on the life of someone with reduced dexterity.

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