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Have you ever felt your knees strain as you get up from bed? Have you ever bent over to pick something up, only to feel a twinge in your back? Many think that these aches, pains and arthritis are unavoidable parts of aging. Bliss Tubs has other ideas, and we’re here to help those burdened with pain to lighten their discomfort. View all articles about Pain Relief.

Arthritis-Friendly Exercise: Tai Chi

Arthritis-Friendly Exercise: Tai Chi A healthy lifestyle is essential to aging in place. Especially when arthritis brings on stiffness and pain, it becomes all the more important to take care of your physical wellbeing. Exercise in particular can defend against joint discomfort and deterioration.

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Arthritis Prevention: Why What You Eat Matters

Arthritis Prevention: Why What You Eat Matters Do you suffer from arthritis pain? If so, you’re not alone. Approximately 40 million people contend with stiff and painful joints, making arthritis the most common cause of disability in the United States.

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What’s Causing Your Chronic Back Pain?

What’s Causing Your Chronic Back Pain? Back pain is a big problem. The National Institutes of Health states that approximately 80 percent of all Americans will have it at some time in their lives—and it doesn’t always go away.

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When Cancer Pain Strikes

When Cancer Pain Strikes Cancer pain can complicate an already challenging situation. The good news is that multiple modes of cancer pain management can effectively address discomfort for many cancer patients. Getting the pain relief you deserve starts with understanding the nature of your cancer pain and discussing your symptoms with a qualified medical professional.

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Common Arthritis Pain Questions

Common Arthritis Pain Questions Arthritis pain can start as mild discomfort that eventually progresses into incapacitating tenderness and stiffness. All too often, sufferers assume that they must put up with these complications. When you understand your condition and the factors contributing to it, though, you can take action for arthritis pain relief.

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