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6 Great Hobbies for Senior Health

There are many proven benefits to seniors having hobbies, including improved memory, lower stress, a stronger immune system and a better night’s sleep.1 Having a hobby has also been linked to a lower risk of heart attack.2 If you’ve retired or your kids have moved out of your home, you finally have the opportunity to pursue your passions. However, there are a lot of activities out there, so knowing your options can give you more time to stay happy and occupied. For this post, Staying Put at Home looks into a few recreations that you can do from the comfort of your own home.


Get some fresh air by tending to your garden. Spending some days gardening can reduce stress, plus you can also raise fresh fruits and vegetables to support a healthy diet.3 Furthermore, gardening has been associated with better dexterity, stronger brain health and lower stroke risk. If your house doesn’t have room for a garden, don’t worry: many cities have community gardens. Working in your community garden can also introduce you to a broad spectrum of people, increasing your social circle should you so desire.

Painting & Coloring

It is wonderful to find an outlet for your creativity. While you might not have had time to dabble in the arts earlier in your life, now that you are Aging in Place, you can get your creative juices flowing. Don’t feel like painting your masterpiece quite yet? Then adult coloring could be up your alley. This activity has been wildly popular, as adult coloring books were among the most popular on the Amazon bestseller list last year. Moreover, this calming pastime has been found to lower stress.4


Making scrapbooks can be a pleasant trip down memory lane. Consolidating all your photos and mementos in one easy-to-find book will make it effortless to access them at a moment’s notice. It will also encourage you to declutter and give you more space around the house. Best of all, if you find a partner to scrapbook with, you can trade anecdotes about each photo back and forth.


With all the time that Aging in Place affords, you can make finally make yourself a feast. Even if you don’t consider yourself a master chef, cooking can still be very rewarding. Plus, putting together a meal will cause you to get up and moving, helping your mobility in the process. It’s also worth reminding to always move safely and avoid any kitchen fires.

Quilting & Knitting

Not only are quilting and knitting fun, soothing activities that can make the hours flow by, but they also will give you a nice blanket for all your work. Beyond this material reward, knitting can alleviate anxiety and potentially prevent arthritis.5


Although many view exercise as a chore, small activities like a walk around the block or some light stretches could assist your mobility down the road. Staying Put at Home has examined some great exercises for seniors. Remember to follow a routine that you’re comfortable with and to check in with a physician first.

You can be a novice at any age. We hope that this post has spurred some ideas for possible hobbies. Many senior centers also offer classes and events focusing on these activities, so you can meet like-minded people who share your enthusiasm.

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