Staying Put at Home: Senior Mobility

For many, getting around the house and remaining mobile is becoming a difficult proposition. It’s no wonder that this unease causes many to leave the residences they have spent years building. To help people stay in their homes safely and comfortably, Bliss Tubs has researched how to remain mobile.

Exercise At Home: How to Improve Stamina, Mobility and Balance

April 18, 2015

Although exercise may sound great, it’s often difficult to get out of your house and go for a walk or to the gym. However, an active lifestyle can keep you in your home longer. Exercise is an effective treatment for many chronic conditions, including heart disease and arthritis.1 Physical exertion can also benefit brain activity, preventing memory loss and slowing the onset of Alzheimer’s.2 Older adults are recommended to have 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week and muscle-strengthening activities for at least two days a week.3 This week, Staying Put at Home will look at some simple aerobic, balance and core strengthening exercises that you can do at home that will improve your stamina, mobility and balance. Read More

Arthritis-Friendly Exercise: Water Aerobics

January 28, 2015

Is being active a part of your life? If you suffer from arthritis, you might actually do all you can to avoid physical activity. As many orthopedic experts caution, though, trying to stop achy joints with a sedentary lifestyle may result only in more pain when you do move. Too little exercise can also lead to other health problems such as obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Read More