Home Safety & Fall Prevention

Staying safe at home is paramount. That’s why the danger of a senior fall should never be underestimated. On the other hand, seniors should not be so preoccupied with falling that it causes them an undue amount of stress. There are a number of easy ways for people to modify their homes to trim the chance of a fall. If a fall does happen, then a person should know how to safely handle the situation. For these reasons, Bliss Tubs has examined the best ways for people to prevent falls at home and stay safe should a fall happen.

Living Alone? You Need to Know These 10 Simple Tips

Living Alone? You Need to Know These 10 Simple Tips This article was originally published by Bay Alarm Medical and has been republished with their permission. You may view the original version on the Bay Alarm Medical website. While many people enjoy the solitude of living alone, others, who unexpectedly find themselves in an empty home, can …

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Secure Your Home for a Winter Storm

Secure Your Home for a Winter Storm Staying put at home isn’t always about aging in place. When inclement winter weather turns from inconvenient to dangerous, it can become a quite literal need. Though your home can be a safe haven from the storm, key to wellbeing is having the essentials on hand.

Bathroom Safety Essentials

Bathroom Safety Essentials NIH Senior Health states that falls happen frequently in the home, and several factors point to the bathroom as a primary culprit. Slippery floors. Wet shower tiles. Slick tubs. All circumstances that can lead to a fall accident.

The Benefits of Downsizing

The Benefits of Downsizing You’ve spent a lifetime making your house into a home. Your walls are lined with treasured photographs. The shelves are filled with beloved books. Each room is accented with mementos from special occasions and vacations. So why would you want to part with them?

Fall Prevention Basics

Fall Prevention Basics Fall injuries are the primary challenge to senior safety. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls account for more elderly deaths than any other type of unintentional injury.

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