Walk-in Tub Massage System Questions

Bliss Tubs walk-in tub with hydrotherapy system

Air or Hydromassage – which is better?

When deciding whether to choose a luxury tub with air jets or water jets, consider the following: Are you wanting a pulsating vigorous massage directly to certain areas of the body? This can be achieved with a water-jetted whirlpool. If your main goal is relaxation, then an air-jetted tub is the way to go. Air tubs work on massaging the nerve endings and offer a much lighter massage than water jets. The air bubbles cling to the skin to promote circulation. An added benefit with air-jets is that bath salts and oils can be used. The “purging system” blows all channels clear after your bath.

The Bliss Dual Massage System, combining water and air massage systems, offers both a soothing, invigorating water premium jet massage along with an all over, gentle air massage from our five-star air bubble system.

An Air Massage System can give your tub general bubbling action that may be soothing, but water jets create a more therapeutic massage.

In general, air jet systems are considerably easier to clean and maintain. With a Hydromassage System, one should not use oil or oil based bath additives. However, a small amount of low-foaming powder or crystal substance can be used. Once a month, the entire system should be purged using liquid automatic dishwashing detergent.

Is there anything the installer needs to know before a Bliss Tub with massage options is delivered?

Yes, the installer will need one dedicated 20 amp circuit on a GFI (ground fault interrupt). Completed installation instructions and an operating manual are provided with each purchase.