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Bathing Made Safe and Worry Free with Bliss Tubs

Home Safety - Staying Put at Home BlogAt Bliss Tubs, we make it our mission to design and fabricate walk-in bathtubs that provide you with a safe and secure bathing environment. The bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the house with its various obstacles, not least of which are wet surfaces. Broken bones and sprains, often caused by slipping in the bathroom, are among the top ten causes for ER visits. These injuries can often happen as we enter and exit our bathtubs.

This is where Bliss Tubs comes to the rescue! We are in the business of providing walk-in tubs that revolutionize the bathing experience by helping you avoid injuries around the bathroom, both inside and outside of your bathtub. We care about our customers. It gives us great pleasure to know that you will remain safer and more independent as a result of investing in a Bliss Tubs walk-in tub.

We ensure your safety with the following features:

  • Low, 6” Threshold with 6 Adjustable Tub Feet: This helps everyone, particularly people with mobility concerns, to access the bathtub with ease and without having to walk over the 30” threshold of a standard bathtub.
  • Watertight Door: As you enter the tub over the safety of your low, 6” threshold, you will also enjoy your watertight door with a silicone rubber door seal which is covered by a lifetime warranty. This eliminates the worry of water escaping onto your bathroom floor, thus preventing slips and falls. Bliss Tubs extra wide walk in tub Model B3555
  • Anti-slip flooring: Each tub model comes with textured flooring which gives you a good grip underfoot as you enter and exit your walk-in bathtub.
  • Integrated Safety Grab Bars: Enjoy the added assurance of an integrated safety bar alongside a mounted U-bar to help you adjust yourself within your bath.
  • ADA Compliant, 17” High, Contoured Seat: This feature makes our walk-in tubs superior to a standard bathtub in terms of safety. This seat allows everyone, particularly those with mobility concerns, to sit comfortably in their bath, without the need of adjusting yourself into or out of a difficult lying position. Since our tubs are taller and hold a greater water capacity than a standard tub, with our ADA compliant seat, you are still able to recline and enjoy the buoyancy of your water. 
  • Threshold Door Drain: Designed to remove excess water away from the door, your integrated door drain will ensure that your bathroom floor stays safe and dry as you exit your tub.
  • Optional Toe Drain: You may opt for a secondary drain which could come in handy if you are unable to operate the lever for the main drain. This drain is conveniently located in your tubs’ basin and can be operated by a touch of your toe.
  • Optional 2” Hurry Drain™: Designed to eliminate bubbles in the draining system, this optional drain ensures that your water can be drained in 110 seconds depending on the efficiency of your household plumbing.
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve: Designed with cold water pressure-loss safety cutoff, this valve efficiently mixes hot and cold water to prevent scalding.
  • Anti-Scald Faucet Set: Effectively prevents burns by not allowing water to exceed 104°F.
  • Easy to Use – ADA Compliant Fixtures and Fittings: From the door handle to the faucet handles and drain lever, each of these fittings is designed for easy grip with minimal strength required.
  • UL and IAMPO Certification: All our electrical and plumbing components pass rigorous inspection for UL and IAMPO Certification.

Safety and Hygiene: Bliss Tubs Hygienic Features and Benefits

In order to stay safe and maintain good health, it is important to maintain a sanitized environment. Whether you are looking to adapt your bathroom to your changing needs, or you are intending to create a spa like experience in the privacy of your own home (or both), a Bliss Tubs walk-in tub provides a safe and hygienic bathing experience. At Bliss Tubs, we understand that the physical activity of bathing can be very difficult for some of us, not to mention the physical demands of keeping your bathtub clean and free of grime. As a result, we have incorporated several, salutary features which will keep both you and your walk-in bathtub fresh and sanitized. Now you can bathe regularly and with confidence in the safe and sterile environment of your walk-in tub.

Ozone Sanitization System

This all­ natural method, which sterilizes and destroys bacteria, is a great benefit to walk-in tub owners. It is especially useful for those who have recently undergone surgery. This system uses the Ozone molecule O³ to harness the electrical energy of light, creating an environmentally friendly cleansing effect. The Ozone Sanitizer automatically activates one hour after your walk-in tub has been drained, and it leaves no chemical residue, taste or smell. Not only will the natural, anti-­microbial effect extend the life of your tub, but it will also help reduce maintenance and ensure that you are bathing in a completely sanitized environment free of viruses, algae, odor, and other contaminants.

SeaKlear Spa System Flush® with Hydromassage System

Although the Ozone Sanitization System is an effective way of destroying bacteria in your walk-in tub, there may be some sterile bathing residues leftover in your tubs’ jet pipelines and pump after a few dozen baths. Because of this, we provide a 16oz bottle of SeaKlear Spa System Flush® with every jetted bath we sell. Every two months or so, simply fill your tub with warm water above the highest jet, pour 2oz of SeaKlear® into the tubs’ water, turn on the hydromassage system, and let it run for 15 minutes. Be sure that you are NOT in the tub while you do this. Afterwards, simply drain the tub and wipe it down. To be sure that your lines are completely clear, you can run and drain another bath immediately after this with warm water.

Integrated Check Valve and 1 Minute Purging Cycle with Air Massage

For hygiene and easy upkeep, each air jet in the Air Massage System has an integrated check valve to prevent water from getting into airlines. In addition, twenty minutes after the Air Massage System has stopped, the system operates a 1-minute, automatic purge cycle to self-clean, leaving your walk-in bath sanitized and ready for its next use.

Gelcoat Finish

Each of our walk-in tubs is constructed using a highly durable and easy to clean triple gelcoat finish with a wax coating. This makes wiping down your tub’s surface simple and straightforward. You may also opt to use a product such as Gel-Gloss® on occasion to maintain the wax finish and natural sheen of your tub’s interior.

For Your Personal Hygiene

With your tub sanitized for each new use, you will also enjoy the following personal hygiene features that will help you stay fresh and clean.

Personal Hygiene Cutout/Bidet Jet

For those of use who have mobility concerns, making it difficult to clean those hard to reach areas of the body, your new walk-in tub may come with an integrated, personal hygiene cutout with a jetted bidet. This is good for our more curvy customers or those who lack dexterity due to advanced arthritis or neuropathy. Enjoy freshness after each bath!

Microbubble System

Our microbubbles system provides an invigorating experience that leaves your skin feeling soft and clean for days after use. This system deeply cleanses the pores with bubbles that measure just .01mm, which is about one-fifth the size of a human skin pore. These microbubbles offer many therapeutic health benefits for those who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. The bubbles gently exfoliate the skin, penetrating the pours, removing dirt and excess oils, and leaving your skin feeling supple, soft, and healthy.

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