Bliss Tubs Walk-in Tub with Aromatherapy System

Experience the benefits and pure luxury of a Bliss-ful aromatherapy spa…

All Bliss Tubs walk-in bathtub models offer the option of a built-in aromatherapy system. The easy-care diffuser, built into the tub deck, fills the air with therapeutic fragrance while you lounge in your home spa.

Bliss Tubs Walk-in Bathtub Aromatherapy Well

Aromatherapy Features

  • Easy-clean diffuser well mounted on tub deck (seen above)
  • Elegant chrome cover
  • Easy-touch on/off keypad
  • Bowl is oil-resistant for easy maintenance
  • Integrated check-valve prevents infiltration of water pump
  • Small 0.5 Amp air pump effectively distributes fragrance

Deluxe Fragrance Starter Kit

Essential oil with herbs in backgroundIncluded with every Bliss Tubs Aromatherapy System is a starter kit sampler of popular essential oils.


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