Bliss Tubs Walk-in Tub with Aromatherapy System

Experience the benefits and pure luxury of a Bliss-ful aromatherapy spa…

When the limbic system in our brains perceives particular aromas, this can positively affect many aspects of our physical and mental health. Aromatherapy is the ancient, holistic practice of isolating and utilizing scents from specific flowers, barks, and plant roots to promote overall wellness. Depending upon which scents we are exposed to, we can experience increased motivation, heightened positive emotions, and improved learning and memory. Scents can also positively affect our perception of pain, provide relief from anxiety and depression, promote healthy sleep patterns and ease nausea caused by cancer treatments or other ailments.

All Bliss Tubs walk-in bathtub models offer the option of a built-in aromatherapy system that works in conjunction with the hydromassage system. Simply place your baggy of aromatherapy beads in the easy, twist off reservoir on your tub’s deck and turn on your hydromassage system to release your scent. Then, recline into inviting and remedying waters to enjoy the combined health promoting benefits of your new walk-in tub.

Aromatherapy Features

  • Easy-touch on/off  keypad
  • Bowl is oil-resistant for easy maintenance
  • Integrated check-valve prevents infiltration of water pump
  • Small 0.5 Amp air pump effectively distributes fragrance
  • Easy-clean diffuser well mounted on tub deck with elegant chrome cover

Deluxe Fragrance Starter Kit

Included with every Bliss Tubs Aromatherapy System is a starter kit sampler of aromatic beads in several popular scents. Each scent has its own health benefits:

Sakura: This scent is from the cherry tree. It prevents the production of free radicals in the body, which in turn promotes healthy skin, reverses inflammation, and boosts hair growth. 

Lavender: Extracted from the Lavandula Angustifolia, Lavender is a favored scent due to its varying health benefits. Lavender calms the nervous system, prevents nausea, promotes healthy skin due to its antioxidant properties, promotes sleep, and relieves headaches.

Ocean Scent: A fresh, clean scent that lifts the mood, this fragrance is a combination of rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, and coriander essential oils. Working collectively, these essential oils reduce inflammation and pain alongside relieving depression and anxiety.

Jasmine: Extracted from the Jasmine plant, this refreshingly sweet smelling scent helps to reduce coughs and relieve spasms. Due to its antiseptic qualities, it can also help to prevent infection. It lifts mood, relieves insomnia, and improves skin’s appearance.

Green Tea: Extracted from green tea leaves, this scent has antioxidant properties which may help to combat various illnesses to include neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It’s antioxidant, anti-aging properties also promote healthy skin and hair. The fresh scent helps to lift mood and it assists in improved cognitive function.

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