Multi-colored spheres representing the color effects of Bliss Tubs' chromatherapy feature.

Experience Therapy Through Colors…

Bliss Tubs offers the Chromotherapy System on all walk-in tub models.

Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc^2, demonstrates how light and matter are both energy, just in different densities. Chromotherapy works with this notion by utilizing the energy of different colors of light to work in conjunction with the natural energy of the human body, restoring balance and health, both mentally and physically.

Our Chromotherapy system delivers 7 different colors, each with their own speed, wavelength, and rhythm. When color enters our eyes, it has a distinct and direct effect on the hypothalamus, which is the center of the brain that regulates the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and the hormones. Furthermore, the soothing water in a walk-in tub is a potentially natural and effective source for transmitting the energy of light directly into our bodies. As a result, our bodies’ energy works in harmony with the energy of light, improving many aspects of our health.

Chromotherapy Features

  • An LED light is strategically placed in the walk-in tub basin
  • Easy-touch keypad control
  • On/Off – Allows the option of bathing with chromotherapy on or off, depending on the user’s preference or mood
  • Color Forward – Manually cycle through and pause on a favorite color
  • Rainbow Cycle – Automatically sets the chromotherapy system to transition through the entire spectrum of colors. Each color lasts for five seconds before cycling through to the next
  • Fast and slow color transition cycles at the touch of a button

Red stimulates the circulatory system and promotes vitality and energy

Orange aids the respiratory and nervous systems, combats fatigue and nurtures body and mind

Yellow energizes, provides stimulation, fortifies and relaxes

Green calms the nervous system and fortifies and relaxes vision

Turquoise regenerates, calms sudden pain and relaxes intellect

Blue promotes peace and tranquility and opens the conscious mind

Purple harmonizes emotions

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