Bliss Tubs Standard Features

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Get the Walk-in Tub Features You Want

View of various Bliss Tubs walk-in tub modelsFrom the early stages of the design process to the final manufacturing stages of your walk-in tub, we consider your personal safety, needs, and desires. When you invest in a Bliss Tubs walk-in bathtub, you can always expect a luxurious and secure bathing experience that will improve your health and quality of life. Each of our walk-in tub models is equipped with an abundance of standard features that will keep you safe while providing you with the most luxurious bathing experience on the market. We believe you deserve the best that a walk-in bathtub has to offer, and we strive to deliver that to you.

Superior Construction is Standard on Every Bliss Tubs Walk-in Tub

Bliss Tubs most popular walk-in tub model B3054Bliss Tubs walk-in tubs are not only beautifully designed, with a high gloss color surface and elegant fixtures, but they are also built to last. Our tub bodies are made of durable, marine-grade fiberglass with a high sheen, robust, triple gel-coat finish that is easy to clean and maintain. The bodies of our tubs are permanently secured into a one-piece, stainless steel frame that not only keeps your tub stable, but it also provides access for easy maintenance. Get information about acrylic vs. fiberglass walk-in tubs.

ADA Compliant, Contoured Tub Seat and Backrest

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What makes the Bliss Tubs walk-in tub design superior to standard bathtubs is our Contoured Tub Seat and Backrest. We understand that many individuals have mobility concerns that make traditional bathing difficult. With a Bliss Tubs walk-in tub, you no longer need to navigate yourself over the 30” threshold of a standard tub, or maneuver yourself into or out of a lying position while bathing. We have designed our tubs with an ADA compliant, 17” high contoured seat and backrest which is easy to access from our low, 6” threshold and through a user friendly, water tight, inswinging or outswinging door. With the help of our standard, safety grab bars and non-slip floor, you can easily sit down on your comfortably contoured seat. Then, you can effortlessly lean onto your backrest, submerging yourself in the healing waters of your walk-in tub. Experience a safe and blissful bathing experience, every time you bathe.

Standard Door Features

Bliss Tubs walk-in tub door handleOur walk-in tub doors are safe and easy to use for seniors and those with mobility concerns.

  • Right-hand or left-hand door: Choose the best option for you.
  • Guaranteed leak-proof door : A hydrostatic seal, along with compression from the water inside the tub, guarantees your walk-in bathtub door won’t leak.
  • Ergonomic door handle: Our ergonomically-designed door handle is easy to use and helps prevent injuries.
  • Stainless steel door hinge: This attractive door hinge offers benefits like corrosion resistance and durability.

Standard Safety Features

Essential safety features are included with every walk-in tub we manufacture, so you can experience worry-free bathing.

  • Six leveling feet: Adjustable leveling feet keep your tub level and support door seal integrity.
  • Low threshold for easy entry and egress: Our low-profile, 6-inch threshold makes entering and exiting your walk-in tub easy.
  • Slip-resistant floor: Bliss Tubs walk-in tubs feature a textured floor for slip resistance and added stability.
  • Grab bar: A standard grab bar adds even more stability and helps you avoid falling while using your walk-in bath. Discover these Fall Prevention Basics to help avoid accidents at home.

Our Standard Grab Bars

Straight Grab BarDepending on the model, your Bliss Tubs walk-in bathtub ships with an angled or straight grab bar. Models under 40 inches come with a straight grab bar, while models over 40 inches feature an angled grab bar to maximize the ergonomic benefits, according to the walk-in tub model that you choose. Your safety and comfort are a top priority in the design of each of our walk-in tubs.

Cable Actuated Drain and Overflow Kit 

Our walk-in bathtubs come standard with a 1½” cable actuated drain and overflow kit that makes draining the tub quick and easy. Simply turn the elegantly designed, chrome plated drain lever located below the faucet deck to shut or open your tub’s drain.

Two Easy-Access Maintenance Panels

Plumbing and electrical components are easily accessible when your tub requires service, thanks to two convenient maintenance panels. Every Bliss Tubs walk-in tub also comes with a cleverly designed suction cup that your service technician can use to remove the panels.

Stylish 5-piece Faucet Set Included with Each Bliss Tubs Walk-in Tub

High-quality standard faucet set that comes with every Bliss Tubs walk-in tubEach Bliss Tubs walk-in tub comes standard with a 5-piece faucet set including a multifunctional, adjustable hand shower piece. 

  • Gentle-touch hot and cold water handles and diverter turn easily for arthritic hands
  • SpeedyFill 3/4″ faucets fill tub 50% faster than standard 1/2″ faucets (18 GPM @ 60 PSI)
  • Conforms to all ADA standards
  • Multifunctional, adjustable and extendable handheld shower wand
  • Chrome-plated for beauty and easy cleaning
  • Solid brass construction and ceramic disk cartridges for long life

Have Questions?

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We are standing by to answer any questions that you have. Give us a call at (800) 398-4898 and start enjoying a safe and blissful experience, every time you bathe.